diamonds of self ~ images by Anna Meltzer

We have many faces.  So many aspects, we are diamonds exquisitely cut in a thousand directions.

It can be unnerving to be around chameleon-like women, constantly evolving, changing, expressing, unfolding, surprising and displaying many different sides of the diamond.

Yet this is the nature of many modern-day, conscious, creative women.

We do not have ONE VOICE, we have many.  We do not move in a linear way through life, we move organically, yet often with focused intention from solid foundations, we are visionary and choose from knowing, the expansive path.

We uncover and discover more of who we already are through the experiences we choose and we ‘play’ different roles in the many relationships that we have.

The roles we play are natural parts of who we are, emerging in the moments that they are needed.We are compassionate, nurturing, loving, fierce, free, wild, intelligent, vulnerable, powerful, fearful, nervous, witty, sensual, centred, divine, intuitive, human embodied goddesses.  With edge.  (And a lot more).In the company of other multi-faceted diamonds of women, our gifts, strengths, vulnerabilities, blocks and beauty are seen and witnessed.

If you’ve never sat in a circle of women and experienced the safety, energy, power, love, laughter, openness and freedom that we can create together, then this is a must.

In my upcoming Feminine Focus workshop here in Berlin, we create space for the multi-facets of our expansive nature to be seen and heard, we embody our feminine essence and practice the art of receiving so that our femininity can flourish (and you’ll find out why this actually benefits everyone else in your life too!).

We need to learn to celebrate and stay present with the ‘facet’ that we are being and expressing in each moment and hold within the knowing that we will never be ‘stuck’ in that way of being and expressing until eternity.  It is now.  And now always moves into another ‘now’.

I would love to have you join us for this workshop in Berlin on Sunday 1st of March, all the details are below

We’ll also dance with music and experience the joy and juiciness of our sensual feminine essence!

Get the details and book your place here before February 21st for the early bird discount >> Feminine Focus ~ Why learning to receive more is vital for the feminine to flourish and how EVERYONE benefits.

And if you haven’t checked out the article I sent in last weeks e-zine, then here it is again < Related Article > How Open Are You to Receiving What You Asked For?

If you’d like private coaching from the comfort of your home or in person in Berlin, then you can!

Individual sessions or Packages are available (best option), just reach out and ask.  Or click the image below for more details.


Feminine Focus Private Coaching Sessions ~ Get Connected.

Feminine Focus

If you have any questions about the workshop or sessions, then just send an e-mail, I love receiving them!

What facets of your diamond nature do you let people see?  And which facets do you hide?  Shine a light into all of your facets and share your stories in the comments below ~~

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love from Berlin, Germany,


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